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Supportive Blends

Your health begins within. Our functional wellness blends have been designed to support your mind, body and lifestyle. Each blend is created with balanced taste, aroma and benefits, ensuring every cup is a special moment just for you.

Functional Benefits

With 100% certified organic ingredients, you know what’s in your cup of tea. Grown and harvested in nutrient rich soil, without chemicals, additives or hidden side effects. Just pure, vitamin + mineral enriched botanicals.

Quality Assured

Our premium grade botanical ingredients are enhanced within the highest grade glass available. Our Miron violet jars use light filtering technology to increase shelf life, boost potency and encourage preservation of natural benefits.

Eco Conscious

Enhancing the culture of sustainability is fundamental in the creation of our brand and products. Which is why we support vegan and cruelty free, organically grown ingredients that are protected within recyclable and reusable packaging.

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Start Your Journey + Discover the Organic Difference

+ Higher in Vitamins & Minerals

+ Higher in Antioxidants, Phenols & Polyphenols

+ Pesticide, Fungicide & Herbicide Free

+ Organically Grown & Sustainably Cultivated

+ Superior Taste, Aroma & Benefits from Nutrient Balanced Soil

functional blends

More than just a cup of tea

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Why Miron Glass?

A work of ancient art created for our modern era. 

Miron glass is the solution to long term, harmonious storage by acting as a light filter to the precious content inside.

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