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Intuitive Wellness

Nutrient Dense | Non-Toxic | Handmade in Australia

Quality Obsessed

We are quality obsessed. Selecting the purest, most nutrient rich herbs our Earth has to offer. Our blends are then synergistically blended to enhance the naturally potent therapeutic properties of each ingredient.

Made By Hand

Intentionally formulated with care to nourish and support daily wellness routines, from the inside out. Every blend is handmade in Australia, in small batches by our founder Nicole.

Biophotonically Protected

Lovingly hand packaged into superior Biophotonic Glass. Used since Ancient Egypt to preserve the most precious oils and herbs from light degradation. Beautifully sustainable and recylable.

Botanical Love

This tea is stunning!! The best flavour. Ground has really helped my hormones remain that little bit calmer while coming to the end of peri menopause. A cup after meals is so relaxing and also really helps those sugar cravings. If you like a chai latte, you will love this. Very yummy!!

I have never been a “tea person” but I think I’m a converted after coming across this blend. One of my colleagues offered it to me since I was going through a bad cold and the effects of just one tea cup a day have been very noticeable, not only I’m able to breath normally but it helped me stop coughing at night which allowed me to have better sleep. I can’t recommend it enough!

Just tried the Ease, it’s Devine! So subtle and and fresh! The best part is No flavours or Extracts = All Natural with No Chemical processes involved!! Also the miron violet glass jars preserve the quality of the tea so it will last YEARS!!! If you love beautiful organic tea, then treat yourself to the blends from Anvil + Essence. You will not be disappointed!

This tea came recommended by a friend, saying it helped them calm immensely before bed. They were not joking - a few sips of this delightful tea in the evening and I feel calm and ready to snooze! As a bonus, it tastes absolutely fabulous. A truly wonderful tea. I’m looking forward to trying more teas from the range!

The tea is amazing. I got the rejuvenate and love it ... my older son says that it is "yummy water" :)