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Why Miron Glass?

Posted by Ben Braithwaite on
Why Miron Glass?

When we began our journey creating Anvil + Essence, there were many exciting new concepts we discovered along the way. We spent months carefully researching for the right packaging that would care for our organic tea with the respect it truly deserved. Being able to preserve the fresh aroma, taste and longevity of each blend became our focus.

When we came across miron glass, we fell in love with its soft violet hues and sleek black appearance. A work of ancient art created for our modern era.

To gather some perspective on what makes miron glass so special, we begin at the first recorded evidence of its use in Egyptian history. A culture highly advanced in its development, placing high value on the storage of precious liquids. They observed that preserving the vitality of the contents largely relied on the absence of light. It has been found that during the exploration of ancient sites, sacred vessels have been recovered with liquids in still viable condition today.

Our life-giving sun is also a large source of molecular degradation. Miron glass is the solution to long term, harmonious storage by acting as a light filter to the precious content inside. Blocking out degrading lights, xeno-estrogens and off-gassing toxins so commonly found among the mass manufactured alternatives, it works by only allowing three frequencies of light in, that have been shown to nourish and protect organic matter. These are visible violet light, non-visible UVA and far infrared lights.

Using a miron violet glass alternative is environmentally friendly, reducing the use of cheaper BPA/BPS drenched material. Enhancing the culture of sustainability is fundamental in the creation of our brand and products, with a driving focus towards the awareness and responsibility in our unique way of life. Which is why we also encourage the re-use of our bottles. In case you were wondering, yes, they also make fantastic spice and jam jars!

Miron glass is a wise investment in your health, wellbeing and environment. All the benefits of high-quality botanicals preserved in a superior, long term storage solution.


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Ben Braithwaite.

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