Christmas Closure: December 12th 2019 - January 6th 2020

Our Story

It all began on a bus ride from Paris to Switzerland...

Our story begins as two strangers with a shared love for travel and adventure, meeting by chance on a bus ride from Paris to Switzerland. To use the cliche it was love at first sight!

After 7 weeks of a fairytale adventure across Europe, we returned to Australia and the reality of life set in.

South African born, Melbourne raised, Nicole made a life changing move to Queensland, following her passion for natural health, new beginnings, sunshine and a new romance.

Fast forward one year and that romance had fully blossomed into an engagement.

As we approached our wedding we made another life changing decision.

After having spent ten years in construction and shift work, I began to feel the toll on my overall health. Despite the natural remedies Nicole offered to support my health and wellbeing, I realised it was my environment that had to change.

In the months leading up to our wedding we made a promise to each other to change the way we lived, to put our health, wellness and future first despite it being the unknown path.

What that meant was a complete lifestyle change. All at once we left our jobs, we got married and we moved closer to the sea air.

It was a hard journey, but it was worth every moment. During this time we found our true calling to explore and share natural remedies and daily rituals that reconnect and heal.

Our commitment and love for each other, and our unique backgrounds from construction to naturopathy formed the basis for Anvil + Essence. A balanced approach of masculine and feminine energy behind each creation.

Moving forward we aim to share our experience with the healing power of connection, stillness and harmony through daily rituals and reconnection to self, community and Earth.


Ben - The Anvil