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My Story

I was once referred to as “bubble girl” by my colleagues.

Suffering constantly from cold and flu like symptoms, fatigue, bloating, asthma, allergies and (everyone’s nightmare) adult acne. Since a teenager, the explanation for my energy drained mind and body were simply passed off as a “non-specific viral infection”. An answer that was given to me on too many occasions, and words I will never forget.

However, it was the push I needed in my sad state!

Researching and experimentation became my personal obsession, until finally I found myself on the path of natural health. Over the space of 5 years I transformed myself into a strong, vibrant and energetic being (more details below) and nagged my family members (through unsolicited wellness advice) to do the same, until finally they too could see the benefits of living a natural, holistic life.

As I moved away from my conventional and convenient lifestyle choices, I began to learn the importance of self-care, from whole foods and gut health, to toxin free home and beauty care, to mindfulness and movement – it all mattered. What I quickly learnt was that my internal health reflected my external health and happiness. Everything I consumed played a role in my daily health and wellness. After I began to mindfully incorporate healthy choices into my daily routine, my once “bubble girl” nature began to disappear.

Along my journey, I took a chance and enrolled into a Bachelor of Nutrition and Naturopathy. It was the perfect fit! Before I knew it, I was making up my own little modern apothecary and my very first herbal tea.

While I continue my studies, my passion is to create nourishing wellness products that support your own wellness journey. After years of trial and error, I feel grateful to be able to share my knowledge and passion while you navigate your own path. Sometimes the best place to start is with a simple cup of tea. That’s where I started.



*The below is my own personal transformation. It is not advice.

The biggest lesson I learnt was that Gluten, Dairy and Sugar played a significant role my daily wellbeing. It accounted for bloating, acne, most fatigue, and my cold and flu states (i.e. runny nose, headaches etc). The prolonged use of these inflammatory foods (almost 20 years) which used to make up the majority of my diet, caused my immune system to weaken over time. This made my body susceptible to allergies (dog, cat, dust, mites, grasses, literally everything including concrete which showed up on my test?! – hence “bubble girl”), asthma and adrenal fatigue. When my allergy symptoms were at their worst, I also noted that my asthma was significantly heightened, as did my fatigue.

In the beginning I was resistant to cut out my beloved comfort foods of diary and gluten and started with a simple elimination diet. Although this confirmed that I was indeed intolerant to Gluten and Dairy, it didn’t make me feel much better. What I eventually learnt was that it took time, consistency and special attention to repairing my gut health fist. Over time I began to see an improvement, as I learnt to cook wholesome healthy meals, include pre and probiotics in my food, increase my daily herbal tea intake, and understand the benefits of nutraceuticals (such as magnesium, zinc and vitamin B & C etc).

Today the only time I suffer from bloating, allergies and asthma are when I’ve been naughty and turned to an old comfort food. I live by a 90/10 rule (also commonly called the 80/20 diet rule), and will always choose the healthier option if available. However I also like to enjoy a social life, so when I choose to eat my favourite pasta (both filled with gluten and dairy) I do it mindfully. In terms of my adult acne, this occasionally still happens when I’ve had consumed too much sugar or dairy.

I've never felt stronger or more energetic and I certainly no longer live in a bubble!