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Every day our body undergoes silent actions to detox, renew and protect itself against the various adverse factors present in our modern-day lifestyles.

Environmental toxicity, chemical agriculture, nutrient deficiencies and stress all play a part in affecting the ability to operate at our highest potential.

With many companies prioritising cost and convenience, rather than nutrition and sustainability, the result is lower quality, mass produced, profit-based farming. This means the nutrient and mineral levels we receive through consuming chemically preserved, pesticide laced products have not only become significantly decreased but also toxic to our bodies.

These chemicals we consume are absorbed into our system, slowly poisoning the body. This can lead to poor performance in the effectiveness to cleanse, rebalance and support our overall healthy function, leading to a variety of health issues including weight gain, acne, inflammation, chronic disease, decreased energy levels, hormonal imbalance and immune system dysfunction.

The benefits of consuming organic tea have been known for centuries around the world and continue to play an important part of our health-conscious culture. Consuming tea provides us with vital antioxidants, contributing to healthy skin, immune system, mental health and digestion. Organic tea has been shown to support and improve healthy heart, immune system, respiratory and circulation function while also helping to reduce stress.

Choosing certified organic botanicals that have been thoughtfully hand blended to balance taste, quality and nutritional benefits, support not only your health and wellbeing but the welfare of the environment that nurtures and provides us with so many naturally occurring remedies.