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Single Origin Tea

A refreshing tea that gently soothes the digestive system, awakens the senses and recharges vital energy.

High in volatile oils, vitamins, minerals, and flavonoids, peppermint has been used since ancient times. Traditionally used to fight off viral infections with its antimicrobial and decongestant properties, peppermint is also commonly known for its analgesic actions. Nourishing and calmative to the nervous system, this aromatic herb can reduce muscle tension, spasms, anxiety and headaches. Its antispasmodic properties can ease stomach upset and promote healthy digestive function. Peppermint is also a known stimulant that supports mental clarity and physical energy levels.

Naturally Caffeine Free.


+ Healthy Digestive & Nervous System

Cognitive Function & Energy

+ Stress, Mood & Vitality  

Muscle Tension & Headaches

+ Healthy Immune Function


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Every Blend Is Personal

Inspired Creations

To date, every blend I have made has been created with a person’s wellness in mind. My first blend Alleviate was created to soothe my husband’s headaches and my dad’s hay fever symptoms.

From start to finish, every blend has been lovingly made by hand, with every herb carefully chosen for its therapeutic benefits and synergistic properties.

My Story


  • What is Biophotonically Preserved?

    Used as vessels during Ancient Egypt to preserve precious liquids, healing remedies and elixirs

    Violet purple hues filter light through the jar, blocking all harmful light and radiation

    Botanical ingredients are protected from molecular degradation (no need to store your beautiful jar in the cupboard!)

    Environmentally friendly & sustainable! Reducing the use of cheaper plastic BPA/BPS drenched material

    Reuse & repurpose your jars around the home and garden! They make great jam jars, candle jars, bathroom holders, and gift for friends and family!

    All the benefits of high-quality botanicals preserved in a superior, long term storage solution.

  • Are your products suitable for pregnant or breast-feeding women?

    As every person is different and reacts differently, we recommend that if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, you consult with your practitioner as to whether the botanical ingredients used in our tea are suitable for you during this time.

  • Are your products organic, vegan and cruelty free?

    All our products and ingredients are cruelty free and have not been tested on animals. Our tea is made with certified organic herbs, making them naturally vegan. We work with a variety of Australian based suppliers to ensure our product contains the highest quality ingredients.

  • Do your products contain any chemicals, preservatives or fillers?

    All our products are free from pesticides, preservatives, additives and chemicals. Our products only contain natural, organic ingredients - just 100% pure nature. NO Fillers.